Friday, November 16, 2007

Ideas rattling around in my head

Okay, as I said, I need practice on my sewing. I want to be better at it because I desire very much to create totes/purses/wallets and the like. I scored a bagful of vintage fabric at the thrift store last night for $5. I can't wait to go buy some interfacing and create some things.
Also, my baby sister is pregnant! I am the only one of us 4 kids with my own children, and my daughters are 10 and soon to be 9 years old. FINALLY!!!!! I can craft some things for her. Things on my mind are: diaper bag with a changing pad, extra little small pack for quick trips, bibs, burp cloths, blankets, (going to be born in summer though so winter stuff will be farther away and more like 6 mon size.) hats, outfits, booties/slippers, toys... galore! haha

Other ideas:

Slippers for my family and to sell, placemats, potholders, kitchen towels, hats, mittens, scarves, polymer clay stuff (never tried this, but loved ceramics class in HS..haha), journals, altered books, candles, soap (also two crafts I havent done before), beaded stethoscopes, jewelry, beaded hair sticks, beaded lighter covers, beaded bottles, bead pouches, (haven't been beading in awhile, but LOVED it for years), dreamcatchers (natural ones), glasses cases, glasses necklaces, badge holder necklaces, keyfobs, painted sawblades, magnets.... the lists go on.

These are just things in my head and I am sure I missed a few overall...believe it or not. The only thing against me is time...haha. Balancing work and family and crafting. But it is my favorite pasttime.