Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Yeah! it's Wednesday!! Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow everyone!

The weather has been so warm the last couple of days. Last Tuesday I took almost 2 hours to drive home to Palmer from Anchorage. Usually this is a 45-60 minute drive, depending on traffic. But we had a tremendous blizzard! I was one of the lucky ones, a guy on DH's 4x4 forum said it took him 5 hours to get from Boniface on the Glenn Hwy to Eagle River! (for Non Alaskans, thats a 10 mile strip, give or take a few miles for which exit you take, usually this gets bogged down with traffic at rush hour and takes maybe 20 minutes to 30 minutes if its bad)

Well, we were really dumped on to say the least. Temperatures at my house got down to 14 degrees. Yesterday it was raining and 42 degrees, and this morning it was 48! Sure to heat up even more with the sun rising one would think.

So for crafting, not much to report. I created a little snowman ornament, a pink baby bib that still needs a snap sewed on, a potholder and I am working on crocheting ornamental snowflakes to put in my christmas cards.