Monday, January 18, 2010

Tunisian Crochet

I have found another double ended crochet hook at the thrift store, renewing my interest in this type of crocheting.  I found a great website with video tutorials for several stitches and utilizing this I launched into a set of hand warmers and a dishcloth straight away! 

While the girls participated in Alaska's Second Annual Fast and Female cross country skiing event with our local olympian Kikkan Randall, I created the first of the hand warmers.

I am making the second one of the hand warmers to make the pair, and considering writing the pattern up for sale.  That is, hoping people would like them!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

lost posts somewhere

There is snow falling gently outside, a good thing, considering the 3 days of 80 mile an hour gusts drove all the snow off the ice baring it to our detriment and dismay.  Its slippery and cold out, but the snow is promising a warmer time ahead! perhaps some more cross country skiing this weekend.

Some things I have worked on lately are the Nordstrom Hobo Bag, which EVERYONE loves!

Tunisian Crocheted Washcloth

Tunisian Wristlets

I also made some washcloths for the gals at work for Christmas.  A IV Team nurse keeps asking me if I have ever done craft fairs or bazaars, and is really pushing me to do so.  Its been on my to do list, I have a problem mass producing my designs unfortunately.  But it is one of my new years resolutions.  I have some ideas in my head about these Tunisian stitches I am learning and some cute things I can make with them.

I am quite bad at this blog thing... one would think that no one reads this much because its a might bit boring at the moment... that and I really have NO IDEA how to market myself!

I am in the midst of workers compensation claim drama, perhaps its my own drama really.  But isn't workman's comp designed in such a way as to make a person give up on their claim before they actually ever get taken care of?  I had one in 2002 and I gave up and left the whole situation frustrated really.  I am crossing my fingers hoping that this time the company I work for is much more supportive.  I have worked in Rehab for two years and not hurt my back bad enough to quit work for one night.  I called in to work the next day and went to a chiropractor.  First time ever.  We shall see how things go.  Sometimes I am curious as to what the point of all the visits are if you only see them for a minuscule amount of time.  The techs do more with me than what he does.  Interesting.