Thursday, January 24, 2008

back of baby bib

new swap runestones 022
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new bib

new swap runestones 021
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My sister is pregnant, and I am practicing making some things for her. The back is shown above

baby booties

new swap runestones 018
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Here is a different set of booties

new swap runestones 020
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these are more newborn sized and oh so cute!

A new pattern I tried

slippers 004
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Here are some thrown together in scraps, I don't quite care for them, but they are still a bit cute.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Make 2

Hook: J10, Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy

gauge: 4 stitches and 2 rows per 1 inch for hdc stitches

Chain 23.

R1: Skip first chain, sc in next chain, sc to end, ch 4 turn (counts as first dc)
R2: (dc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1) 10 times, ch 1, dc in last stitch, ch 1 turn (12 dc)
R3: sc in 1st dc, (sc in ch 1 sp, sc in dc) to end, ch 2 turn (22 sc) ending wth sc in last dc
R4: hdc in each sc to end (22 hdc) ch 4 turn
R5: (dc in 2nd ch from hook, sc) 10 times, ch 1, dc in last ch, ch1 turn
R6: sc in 1st dc (sc in ch1 sp, sc in dc) to end (22 sc) ch 2 turn (ending with sc in last dc)
R7-8: hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each sc to end (22 hdc) ch 2 turn
R9: hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 3 ch, chain 4, hdc in 5th ch from hook, hdc in each ch to end ch 2 turn (19 hdc)
R10: hdc in 2nd ch, hdc 11 times, (hdc in ch 4 sp) 4 times, hdc to end, ch 2 turn
R11-16: hdc in each ch to end, ch 2 turn, leave 10" tail to sew sides together.

Place wristlets in front of you, be sure to position thumb holes correctly before seaming together. Essentially you will flip one of the wristlets. this is an important step. I had to redo one of each my daughters, due to watching tv at the same time...haha.

Next use ribbons, or chain a length of contrasting Jiffy yarn (as seen in pic), I used a 21" length of chain for the lacing.

To finish off, sc in contrasting color evenly spaced around the top of the wristlet. For bottom, do the same, or as I did, evenly spaced around the bottom do this pattern: sc, picot, sc, picot.


Please do not sell these, use this pattern to give away as gifts and if you show them please place a link to the pattern on my blog! Thank you,
Carey 2008

Rebellious Wristlets Part Deux

I revamped the wristlets I made for Xena, and these are for DD Breanna. For these, I have written a pattern!!

Owl swap goodies

owl box 010
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Here is what I created for a recent Craftster Owl Swap, she should receive in the next day or so so I thought I could finally post these!

back of lotus cozy

lotus ipod cozy 009
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Angel Ipod Cozy

ipod cozy and slippers 011
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Swap angel ipod cozy

lotus ipod cozy 010
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Felted Slippers for stepdad

ipod cozy and slippers 008
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I made these for my mom's longtime boyfriend, who is Ojibwe. I wanted the flowers to look more traditional but they look more like ginko Chippewa beading have traditional flower motifs... now I thought they would be too femme, but mom says they should be fine, and if not she'll gladly take them...haha.

Crappy Acrylic on Canvas

picture 001
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Here is an attempt at painting after years of not doing it anymore. The paint sucked because it was walmart craft acrylic, which is very hard to make it do what you want on a canvas and the colors are so muted, and when you mix them, they are no longer vibrant, as you see with the flowers. I plan to revamp this when I can afford to go out and purchase the real acrylics I need! For now it hangs in my stairwell.

Lyra's Hat

lyras hat 009
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I whipped up this hat in one evening. It was so quick on big 1/2" needles and four strands of bulky yarn held together. It's cool that it fits both my head as well as the girls, which is awesome.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Holidays are over, crafy updates have been minimal

Sorry for being out of the loop. We spent a couple of weeks in Homer over the holidays. I am 75% finished with a pair of felted slippers for my stepdad, I finished several other items like hats and scarves and goodies that I never took any pictures of... not used to visually chronicling everything though.

I am in an owl swap on Craftster, and I completed one of the items, which though I thought was a medium, timewise ends up being a large item...and it is so very cute!! I can't wait to finish work on the other two smalls and the other one, but possibly two larges tomorrow.

Then I can send out sooner and not worry about the deadline.

I am still looking for a job. No luck so far, and I am starting to feel very out of the loop. UGH. Need to find one that works with our schedules. No stress anymore, I don't care if its just a clinic job, if it works for us and the kids to spend time together, thats whats important to me.