Monday, January 7, 2008

Holidays are over, crafy updates have been minimal

Sorry for being out of the loop. We spent a couple of weeks in Homer over the holidays. I am 75% finished with a pair of felted slippers for my stepdad, I finished several other items like hats and scarves and goodies that I never took any pictures of... not used to visually chronicling everything though.

I am in an owl swap on Craftster, and I completed one of the items, which though I thought was a medium, timewise ends up being a large item...and it is so very cute!! I can't wait to finish work on the other two smalls and the other one, but possibly two larges tomorrow.

Then I can send out sooner and not worry about the deadline.

I am still looking for a job. No luck so far, and I am starting to feel very out of the loop. UGH. Need to find one that works with our schedules. No stress anymore, I don't care if its just a clinic job, if it works for us and the kids to spend time together, thats whats important to me.