Friday, November 16, 2007

UPdate on my crafty life

I am such a fledgling at blogging, I have to create a routine for myself if'n I want to join the obsessed ranks of crafters!! I have crafted all my life, but have never really digitalized my crafting journey, but I so want to!!

Here is a list of some of my WIP:

Skully Slippers:

Neon green fleece. I traced my eldest daughters insole and added 1/4" for seam allowance, 2 soles for each foot (4 total). Then I folded the fleece and traced the top instep half of the slipper by tracing 1/2" around the top of the insole, the fold lying about midsole. This way I figured there would be enough fabric for the rise of the instep. Then I estimated the heel and side piece by (very advanced technique...I always seem to WING IT) by rolling the insole from side to side of where the top would align and adding a half inch to each end. This strip was about four inches wide, and I folded it down to double it. I appliqued a skull and cross bones that I drew on black fleece and cut out with ziggy scissors onto the top of the slipper instep. Then I sewed it down and added the backpiece. It ended up being a bit large so when she was in the slipper I pinched a bit at the back, sewed a triangle shaped piece at the achilles to take it in, snipped off the excess and viola! It needs some tweaking, but she ADORES THEM. It stretches to fit moms feet too...hehe.

OH and for the sole, I hot glued dots on the bottom to give traction and that worked really well. Slipper #2 is still waiting my sewing, but is all cut out and ready.

Kitchen Cloth:

The classic diagonally knitted dishcloth, in brown varigated cotton from Bernat Handicrafter.

Boulce Drop Stitch Stole:

White, about one foot completed, on size 11 needles, a JoAnn yarn pattern.


Sewing is not my strong suit. My sewing ideas are great, but I lack finesse in their execution... I aim to become better, because I have some great wallet and purse ideas that I would love to be able to do with some decent even stitching. I have a great sewing machine, Husquavarna Freesia. I made some drapes (the hooked onto the drape rod, pull with rope type) for the big (drafty) patio door in the kitchen/dining room, and a set for both girls rooms. I winged it again, as I do with most of my projects that I create on my sewing machine... other than measuring... yeah, no I barely used my pins... bad sewer, bad sewer, I know... so yeah, my daughters love them, but I can see where they are crooked... and where I shouldn't have used a certain stitch on one fabric because it was too delicate and the stitch too tight... live and learn. I still have to make some for my kitchen sink window, the window in the living room, the office, and the three windows in our bedroom.


This is something I had forgotten about at one time, it is all blues, mixed yarns, knit the long way on a size 13 29" (or longer? cant remember) circular. It's only about half done.

Crocheted hat:

Made with acrylics in cranberry, ecru/off white, camel and a mauve. Its striped, and the top half is about done, time to build it down the sides and create some earflaps. The thing is, it feels stiff to me. I tend to crochet tightly, and I put it aside because I wasn't too sure it would be an okay hat... I may extend the top a bit and therefore give it more room to line with fleece, so that if it is stiff, it will at least be soft on the inside for comfort. I usually do line them, but discovered with my husbands last hat, I didn't allow for enough room taken up inside, so it was a bit tight on him... but I did just sew him a very nice double layered black fleece hat. I asked about appliqued stuff... to which he grumbled something about leaving it black but now suggested having a band of something... argh... I said too late, its already sewn... haha.

Actually, I think thats it for my works in progress at this time. I had been trying to get them whittled down a bit. I ll try to post pictures to this this weekend.


Believe it or not... I started this four years ago when I started my bachelors degree... I have the yarn, I just moved on to bigger things...but alas, its my biggest WIP. The darker colors that surround the lighter purple? That purple stripe is the center, and the other end will become lighter again. Then I have to add fringe and finally be finished...maybe in four more years?

Purse thingy:

I was going to make a potholder out of this, but decided it was pretty cute, so I am crocheting (winging it) a little purse, that will have a drawstring attached for the kids.

Piratey Arghhhh:

Don't bother asking, I don't know. I started this to be a dishcloth, realized it was off center, and that it was like a monster, consuming more rows and layers of cotton yarn. So, its big, maybe a purse?

Market Bag:

This barely qualifies as a WIP because all I have to do is resew the top of the handles. I noticed they were a bit off, one being longer than the other, so I frogged the seam and plan to fix it. I made this for my friend Bekah in Homer for Christmas.

Fabric Rug:
I never finished this... I got thread all over me when I started it...PIA... but I will attempt again... someday.