Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

first attempt at a bib
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It needs a closure of some sort... I misplaced my snaps somewhere...

Ahhh I am beat today. We will be having dinner tomorrow with some old neighbors of ours from Anchorage. They are coming out to Palmer to have dinner with us. They have four kids and we have two. The kids miss each other!

So today I cooked some things to be less hectic tomorrow... 2 pumpkin pies, 1 cheesecake, 1 pecan chocolate rum pie.

I did everything but bake the green bean casserole (minus the onions), the sweet potato casserole too. The stuffing is all prepared minus the cubed bread. Jake is baking some of his beer grain bread into dry cubes for the stuffing and making a fresh batch.

So all I have to do tomorrow is peel and boil potatoes, make gravy, bake those two dishes and make fresh rolls and homemade whipped cream.

the girls are really becoming a huge help in the kitchen. They love to cook. Thats a great thing because my sisters are always calling me for advice. Three girls and I seem to be the only one who inherited the ability to cook. My youngest told me that she likes my cooking better than our mom's....shhhh...

Hopefully these girls will remember and learn how to cook through the years... its really fun to have them involved more. They cook dinner with me alot lately too. Its so nice!

I can't wait for tomorrow!! We should be getting our swap partners either tomorrow or Saturday. I couldn't start anything till sat anyhow. I am so excited... after I complete this one, I can finally join some others. Its my first swap though, so I am both excited and nervous... I anticipate a large amount of addiction to them coming on.

OH and I discovered ATC's this week on Craftster... Artist Trading Cards... I am SO going to get into that for SURE... That looks like something right up my alley.

Well I am beat.

More later...