Monday, July 18, 2011


Freshly baked. Yummm

If anyone is interested in sourdough baking and wants to get some dried starter, let me know.  This recipe is from an old Alaska Cooking book from the early fifties from an Anchorage Ladies Aide group.

In large glass mixing bowl:
1 cup sourdough starter (*should be the next day after feeding, lots of happy bubbles, stir well first)
2 cups warm water
2-3 cups flour
1/4 olive or reg oil
1/4 sugar
2 tsp salt

stir to make "sponge", should be like thick cake batter or so consistency.  Cover loosely with plastic wrap and set in warm place to rise overnight or 8 hours.  I set mine in my oven with the light on for warmth.  Then add 2-3 more cups of flour to make nice dough.  Don't over add flour!  Knead dough for 15 minutes, place in clean large mixing bowl coated with oil.  Roll dough on all sides to coat with oil.  Cover loosely and let rise 3-4 hours.  Knead dough for 10 minutes or so, separate into two loaves and place in greased bread baking pans.   Slit tops to allow for expansion.  Cover loosely and let rise for 2 hours or until doubled in bulk.  Set oven to 375 deg, I let mine stay in during preheat.  Set timer for 40-50 minutes.  Brush with butter when done.  Let cool on rack, bottom of loaf should be hollow sounding when thumped with wooden spoon or other utensil.  Cut a piece while its still warm, butter and enjoy the lovely sourdoughy goodness! ;)