Monday, July 18, 2011

Shall I attempt to keep a blog... again?

I am notoriously terrible at both journaling and blogging.  Terribly bad at keeping a picture record of all my crafts just for ravelry or otherwise.  Pretty pathetic overall really.  Well tonight I whipped up a scrubbie cloth.  I have never made one, nor read a pattern for one but I think I really like the way it turned out.   I wrote out what I hope was the correct pattern.  I wrote it after I made it so I am crossing my fingers that it will work for others as well.  I will post it from my phone soon.
I have so many ideas in my head that I want to create, that is my biggest challenge.  I tend to have crafty inspiration overload and can't keep myself on track to save my life.  I make a few things in one category then on to the next and sometimes forget all sorts I had plans for along the way.  Maybe I can be more proactive using my iPhone to its full potential coordinating with this blog? I am not holding my breath but still, I am ever hopeful as always that I can carry something through fully and completely!!!  Hey I made it through college, so somewhere I must have the ability to stick with it... smiles!

I reconstituted my sourdough starter a couple of weeks ago and made two fresh sourdough loaves today.  I just love the simplicity of sourdough.  The fact that I can bake delishous bread with so few ingredients in a traditional way makes me glad.  These were perhaps some of my best, nice light sour flavor, moist bread, and hard crust.  The sourdough starter is a few years old now, and was quite happy before I made the loaves.  I brought some starter down for my friends Jeanne and Rebekah in Homer, Alaska this last week.  I hope they can enjoy some of their own soon as well!

If anyone wants my recipe just leave a comment...