Monday, July 18, 2011

Solara scrubbie dishcloth

Solara dishcloth scrubbie 

Worsted weight cotton, G hook, plastic dish scrubbie
Slip stitch into middle side of scrubbie
30 slip stitch around in scrubber
Slip stitch to join round
Ch 2, 2hdc in ea stitch around (60 hdc)
Ch5, (*dc in 2nd ch from hook, ch2) repeat * to end slip stitch to close
Slip stitch in ch2 space, sc, ch2, dc in ch2 space, ch1(*2dc in ch2 sp,ch1) repeat from * to end slip stitch in top of ch2
Ch1, sc in each stitch around to end slip stitch in 1st sc to close
Ch3,dc in next ch,(dc in next ch, 2dc in next ch) * repeat to end. last will be 1dc in same stitch as 1st ch 3, slip stitch in top of ch 3 to close
Ch 4, tr stitch in same ch as ch4, 2tr in ea ch around, slip stitch in top of ch4 to close. Finish off.

I would love to know of mistakes in the pattern or if it works out for you!  I wrote it after I crocheted it so I hope I got it right... enjoy!