Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The first SWAP

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YAY, my partner received. This is my first swap I have participated in and she is RAVING about her shrug, which is awesome because I had some major nervous thoughts on: will she like the color, will it fit her, etc.

I am so happy she likes it, I guess her young daughter wanted it too. She suggested I make a tutorial for it, and pattern. I will have to sit down and remember how I did it.

The main body was V stitched, and I vaguely recall the chain starting with something like 46? 44? the first row created a box stitch, then I vstitched. Each arm was done separately. I sewed the seam up to where the armpit would be, leaving the rest to open mid back. I then started the arm embellishment at the bottom which was alternating shell and v stitching. Leaving about two inches open to seam together with ribbon.when the sleeves were finished I did some frilly shell like stitches around the body opening as well. Closing off the top and bottom of the back by connecting it. Then I got ribbon from wal mart to match and laced the back and the sleeves. I also laced in the arms at the armpit for adjustment if needed for fit. (see other pics)