Saturday, December 1, 2007

dough ornaments 002

dough ornaments 002
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Just some dough ornaments the kids and I made...these are the ones I created and painted. The girls still have to paint and gloss theirs. They went to Homer for the weekend, 6 hours south of where we live... Right now I have christmas crap strewn all over my living room...UGH... its a bit different to haul it all out from under the stairs and try putting things up without the kids around... I did get their advent calendars all wrapped up though... we don't do calendars necessarily we just wrap a present a day with a couple bigger ones for christmas day.

I got my cousin's advent calendar done, late, and I ll have to mail it on Monday. I told her when it arrives in Denmark she'll have LOTS of presents to open for the days it missed her in transit!!