Friday, August 26, 2011

My crafting world has been overtaken by swaps

So unfortunately I am unable to update in fear of lurking partners!  I have been working feverishly however, I can promise you that!  The one non-swap related thing I have started making is birds nest pendants.  I will upload a picture or two after this post from my iphone.  The fair is in town and we will likely be wrapped up in that and visitors who come from about 300 miles away to the fair, as we live a mile from the fairgrounds!  So I think I will need to make some sourdough bread to be ready for the influx of visitors.  I will start that when I get home, as I am working right now. 
We are also buying a house and we have the house inspection tomorrow... then after the seller finishes their repairs its off to the bank to appraise the house.  Hopefully we will be in the house by November, closing in mid October, after PFD time.  I am SOOO excited because this is our first home either of us have ever bought.  Their are so many ideas in my head for what I want to do to it... it has an unfinished daylight basement too.  I hope I can get things straightened out soon enough to transplant my rhubarb and strawberries from our place we are at now.  We have raspberries too but the new house does as well and thats ok!  So more later...