Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally a Camera! Yay for holidays!

DH bought me a Canon PowerShot camera... not my fave in size or looks but it has some nice features and 10x OPTICAL zoom, 12 megapixels... So I can finally add pictures to my posts.  I am currently knitting my second sock, technically.  The first I recently frogged.  I quit knitting it mid foot last year because when I went to get out of the car at the high school for my daughters track meet, I lost my needle and didn't have any more that size at home. Luckily I found the needle last month in the pocket of the door of my car. Needless to say, since I frogged my sweater a few weeks ago, I feel liberated enough to rip out other WIPs that could sacrifice their petty non-knitted existence for the use of the yarn... haha.

So, I picked up my book Sensational Knitted Socks (previously thought of by me as being confusing as heck ...) picked out Garter Rib Socks (eyed up on Ravelry) and am mid way through the instep of my sock with Regia variegated sock yarn.  I have big calves and big feet. I  followed the instructions but it seems the heel and instep are too wide.  I would probably decrease the stitches in the next set.  I do love the colors of this sock though!  I can't wait to finish so I can actually complete the second one and contemplate knitting up some hats and such.  I might take a break between socks but I would fear my tension would be off if I don't knit one after the other.

But my  head is swimming with ideas for spats, for lacy wristlets, and hats! I stopped at sports authority today and swooned over the knitted hats... trying to remember ideas for patterns.  Hence my sordid desire to throw down my sock once its done to do the hat...

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